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Keep your trolling motor clear

Ninja Grass Blade

Fishing in heavy vegetation? Keep your trolling motor clear of debris with the Ninja Grass Blade.

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Chop through debris with ease

Spend more time fishing and less time removing grass from your trolling motor. The Ninja Grass Blade keeps your trolling motor clean! Made in the USA, this grass cutter is machined from aluminum and is designed to fit most trolling motors. The Ninja Grass Blade easily installs in seconds.

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I'll never own a trolling motor without a ninja grass blade... It works. I love to fish heavy slop and vegetation punching and frogging. Last summer at champlain I fished shallow vegetation and slop for 4 days and pulled up my trolling motor to clean it off maybe once per day. Even when the head gets balled up from slop if you turn the head sharp right or left and turn the prop it will almost always clear itself.

I bought one of these about 3 years ago and it is the best boat accessory for the money! It is a great idea and product! I have bought another two to give away to my boat owning friends!