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Durable LED Lighting Kits

Rub Rail Lights

Light up the night around you with Rub Rail Lights. Whether you have a fishing boat, party boat, recreational kayak, or any other vessel, we have lights for you!

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The Best Marine Lights on the Water

Rub Rail Lights are the perfect upgrade for any boat or kayak. Light up your night with our boat light kits for a fun evening on the water with friends. Looking for a more relaxed night on the water with your rod and reel? Our patented Rub Rail Lights are perfect for illuminating the night as well as your fluorescent line for a safe and successful fishing trip. Our boat LED lighting systems are made in the USA, nearly invisible during the day, and are easy to install. Find a kit for your boat today!

Rub Rail Lights

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We frequently hear stories about our competitor’s LED strips breaking loose, detaching and flapping in the breeze while going down the lake. Our system is nearly invisible, with a clean appearance hidden in the rub rail insert. No more hacking, cutting, routing, and gouging to install like our competitor’s products. Simply remove the old rub rail insert and install a new insert with integrated lights and wiring. We very often hear comments like, “I was tired of replacing lights because they would just come loose or fail and decided to buy your kit even though it cost more, and wow, it looks so much better!”

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